Website updates

Hello all! I've finally updated my website, including two new pages - my News & Updates page and my Job Postings page, both of which will see regular updates. I'm looking forward to reaching a wider group of people with these updated pages. Thank you for visiting, and please be in touch!

Presenting at IMEC 2019!

I'm thrilled to announce that I've been selected to present at the 2019 Illinois Music Educators Conference held in Peoria, IL. The topic is "Sight Reading Simplified", and will cover my research on sight-reading pedagogy. Having presented on this same topic at the National Conference of Percussion Pedagogy in May 2018, I'm very excited to delve deeper into this topic. My IMEC presentation will feature more in-depth research on the psychology of pattern recognition and its relationship to my new method of sight reading. Hope to see you there!

New percussion teacher at SCC!

Starting this Fall 2018, I'll be the adjunct music professor for percussion at St. Charles Community College. This will be in addition to my full-time duties at Lindenwood University. As the two institutes of higher education in St. Charles County, we're very excited about creating more of a partnership between our two music departments, and this is an awesome way to strengthen that relationship. I'm very excited to teach classical percussion at SCC, and to hopefully help create a bridge that will help all SCC music students complete their 4-year degrees at Lindenwood after earning their Associates degrees at SCC. Please contact me if you're interested in learning more about the music programs at either of my schools!